Land Sourcing Division

Hallie Homes Land Division

Our team at Hallie Homes work on a 1:1 basis, sourcing off-market development opportunities to meet your specific criteria. As a development company, we know exactly how time consuming and labor intensive it can be sourcing off-market deals. We work alongside property developers, and we aim to source them the best opportunities, urban or rural, to help them get great returns and add units to their current portfolio.

We start our process by gathering a list of requirements as followed:

  • Location
  • Size in metric measurements or number of units
  • Sites with or without planning or potential permitted development opportunities
  • Land or commercial buildings
  • Brownfield or greenfield
  • Budget


With all these requirements in mind, we can get straight to work by doing some extensive due diligence using specialist software, referencing local plans, and liaising with local town planners to source you the best opportunities.

Hallie Homes ensures we take a very personal approach to our land sourcing division to form long term business partnerships.

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