Planning Uplift

We provide a planning permission service that will help you maximize the value of your land, before assisting in selling it onto a builder or property developer. We’ll take all the necessary steps to obtaining the planning permission, and all the financial risk that comes along with planning applications.

Why choose Hallie Homes? When we determine a planning application on your land, we will always apply a scheme that is viable for all involved to make a profit. We have seen countless schemes that are not viable for development, so they’re always sitting on the market for sale.

We believe that the quality of the scheme is a major factor in obtaining planning permission, and more importantly what the delivered scheme will be worth.

Hallie Homes specialize in obtaining planning permission for schemes that will enhance and contribute to the local area, with a focus on innovative design and a belief in a more transparent approach, whilst offering landowners a fairer contract.

Our fees will be a percentage of the onward sale price of the site. How it works?
How does our process work?
Contact: fill out the contact form and we will acknowledge your response and add it our files. One of our team will be in touch within 3 days, find out a little more about your circumstances and then we will establish the next steps.
Due Diligence: this will start by us conducting our due diligence on your plot, and make sure it fits in with the government plans and is a feasible plot for us to develop.
Review: we will conduct a review of all our due diligence and let you know how we are going to proceed. Permission: all necessary planning consent will be applied.
Sale: finally, we’ll market the plot for sale and secure a buyer.
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